About Us

Our volunteers help ensure that each event runs properly. All of our board members serve as volunteers to help the community and can be reached for hall rentals. If you want to take part in the community, please contact us. Our volunteers help with things like raffle prizes, cleaning, cooking, setting up events, gardening, soliciting donations and painting.

It is because of the amazing work of community members like you that the Marblemount Community Hall is able to function. Thank you for your time, energy and dedication to the community. To find out more information about volunteering or renting the hall, contact our board members.

Our Board Members

President: Matt Del Bosque
Vice-President: Douglas Pocock
Treasurer: Rusty Shirley
Secretary: Merlene Buller
Hall Rental Manager: Sallie Larsen

Questions, comments or concerns? You can leave a message at MCH by calling (360) 873-2323. For hall rentals, please contact Sallie Larsen at (360) 873-4327. For emergencies or pressing inquiries, our president Matt Del Bosque can be reached at (360) 873-2604.